Over the last few years we have realized that the majority of kids that we volunteer with are extremely behind academically. On average 2-5 years. We offered tutoring but we realized for many of these kids they do not need tutoring but they need to be reeducated. Their schools do not have the resources or programs to help them catch up academically. During Covid with these children being on virtual learning this problem has been magnified.

With that said we had to figure out a way for these kids to be back to in person learning. So we started to come up with a plan and connect to some private schools that were open in person. We were able to put 6 children into private schools (as well as some additional tutoring) plus we launched Seeds of Hope Academy a homeschool/pod for 8 children. All of these children are now in person for their education with a wonderful teacher and amazing volunteers. With the homeschool/pod we are doing an individualized educational plan for each child. Besides learning in the classroom we are also doing field trips and are offering enrichment as well.

These kids are so excited and thankful to be in school, and to be learning. Their families have hope that their children will be educated and exposed to new opportunities and they have a chance for success in their future.