Nine Years ago, God started planting seeds for Seeds of Hope. At that time, I started volunteering with an organization called Bridge of Hope in City Heights. They help low income families and refugees that are in transition. They help by handing out basic needs like food, clothing, and furniture. Which I love!! But, Over the years, I realized there is so much more needed to help these kids and their families successfully assimilate into the American Culture. These kids need to see that there is a life outside their community; A life where there are opportunities to break the cycle of poverty, relying upon the government and where they can become self sufficient, productive citizens. These kids need relationships and mentors to guide them as they learn the skills to navigate life in the United States. I asked myself… How do we do that?

That’s why I started Seeds of Hope. I want to “plant seeds” of vision and opportunity in these kids that will help direct and empower them for their future, and at the same time, show them the love of Christ.