Our goals at Seeds of Hope Academy (our homeschool pod) is to give our students individualized education to help them academically catch up, build their confidence, give them opportunities and experiences that will prepare them for their future. We had 4 students that have worked hard and are ready to launch into their next chapter. They are promoting from Seeds of Hope Academy. Two of our students will be attending The Rock Academy and the other 2 will be attending 10X Academy. We are so proud of our students and are excited to partner with these schools.

We are still very involved in the lives of our students once they launch. We look for the best schools that will fit their needs. We apply for scholarships at private schools, and we also help sponsor them. These children will be our future leaders. They do not want to go back to their local public schools. They now realize they have options and hope. That there is a difference in education and support! We check in regularly and support them as needed. Keep Soaring!!