I was trying to find a different school for one of the girls I volunteer with, she is from Haiti. I was hoping to find a school outside of her neighborhood that would be a better environment and better education. I thought it would be a different public school outside the area, but the evening before I was supposed to take her to check it out, I found out she could not enroll. That evening I prayed about what to do. The next morning I was on my way to pick her up and prayed again and Christian High came to mind ( not sure why because there would be no way they could ever afford to go. They do not own a car or even a cell phone) I called Christian High and they said to bring her in for a tour. She loved it, then next day they wanted her to shadow. They wanted her to come, they thought they might have a donor, but that didn’t work out. I thought the door might be closing but didn’t feel in my heart it was closed quite yet. So the day she was supposed to have started public school (we never registered her to go and figured we better start as they had started their first day). Then Christian High called and said they didn’t have a 1 year scholarship for her, but they had a 4 year scholarship. They wanted her there all 4 years. Wow!!!! We are so excited. God went above and beyond. This girl now has to travel on the bus, trolley, bus and walk 1.3 miles each way. A total commute of 1.5 hours each way. But she still wants to come and is willing to do whatever it takes. We are super proud and excited to see the new journey God has for her. It will be challenging but she will make it with your prayers.